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C4 Auto

  • The terps will blow your mind. Earthy and berry flavours with buttery sweet undertones.
  • Easy going. A low maintenance strain suited for all growers and growing setups.
  • Purple dynamite. Expect long and dense purple buds from head to toe.
  • Perfectly balanced. The best of both worlds, a pleasant balance of Indica and Sativa effects.
  • One of the first to be released. Years and years of breeding, a super potent and stable strain.
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CBD Auto 1:1 (CBD Crack)

  • 7% THC and 7% CBD. Ideal for medicinal consumers and novice cannabis consumers.
  • Freshly cut mangos. A delicious mix of peppery, floral and fresh fruity terps.
  • The gentle giant. Growing up to 100cm, this strain provides enjoyable effects for consumers with a low tolerance.
  • Medicinal benefits. Popular among medicinal users who want to alleviate chronic pain and other disorders without psychoactive effects.
  • Plump and compact. Conveniently compact for those who want to grow their own medicine without much hassle.

Critical Auto

  • The original strain improved. The same traits that made this strain popular but improved and in an auto version.
  • Perfect for beginners. Suited for all growers who want yields of up to 600gr/m2 in just 70 days.
  • A peaceful high. Expect a deeply relaxing effect that also motivates you while keeping you serene.
  • Delicious old-school terps. Classic blend of lemon, citrus and pine terps with earthy hints.
  • Exceptionally resistant and reliable. Can be grown all year long and without much maintenance.

Rhino Ryder Auto

  • The best for extractions. Top-shelf resin that will leave you licking your lips and wanting more.
  • Extremely potent. With 20% THC and 1.2% CBD, expect an overpowering high that will deeply relax you.
  • Tough like a rhino. An ideal strain for everyone suffering from harsh climates.
  • Golf-ball-sized buds. Extremely fat and pointy buds that resemble a rhino’s horn.
  • Outstanding flavors. Flavoursome terps of earthy, peppery and pear with cinnamon undertones.
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G14 Auto

  • Ideal for beginners. Can be cultivated anywhere and by anyone, a foolproof strain.
  • Conveniently discreet. Stout and compact, ideal for stealth growers.
  • Nicely iced. Super frosty buds that make for deliciously dank extractions.
  • Calm and relaxed. A cozy and anxiety-free effect, perfect for having a peaceful time.
  • Hashy flavors. Expect woody and citrusy flavors with a peppery spice edge.
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Mexican Airlines Auto

  • A pure-bred Sativa. A fierce combination of Colombian and Mexican Sativas.
  • Mountain-high. Expect a full-on Sativa effect, no laziness.
  • Deep citrus aromas. Enjoy spicy lemon terps with pine undertones, deliciously potent.
  • Easy to grow. Suited for all types of growers with or without growing experience.
  • Strong and sturdy. This strain has a high resistance to pests and can easily withstand harsh conditions.
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Green Crack Auto

  • Mass producer. Insane yields of pearly-white buds, completely covered in trichomes.
  • Lip-smacking terps. A tasteful experience of spicy fruits and tropical mangos.
  • Stay active! Invigorating effects for those who want to stay alert throughout a busy day.
  • Conveniently compact. A homogeneous plant that grows around 90cm, easy to grow and easy to maintain.
  • Ideal for extractors. Potent high-quality resin for those looking to take their extractions to the next level.
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Smoothie Auto

  • Our most awarded genetics! A multiple award-winning strain, impossible to go wrong with this one.
  • A fruity outburst. Blended to perfection, a smooth smoke with an overwhelming fruity terpene profile.
  • Perfect for extractions. Expect the unexpected, unimaginable top-shelf extractions.
  • Finely balanced. Truly fine-tuned to bring you the best combination of Indica and Sativa effects.
  • Delightfully colorful. Light green buds with beautiful purple hues, the perfect bag-appeal for commercial growers.
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