Northern Lights Auto

  • Insanely resilient. Superbly resistant to harsh climates and easy to grow, ideal for beginner growers.
  • Potent knockout effect. A strong high as soon as you hit the joint, a must for consumers looking for a good couch-lock high.
  • Compact high-yielder. Thanks to her Indica lineage, this strain grows perfectly compact while producing up to 600gr/m2, a great choice for stealth growers.
  • Intense flavors. Reeks of a savory mix of peppers, spice, and a mild fruitiness that tastes exactly how she smells.
  • Rock-solid resin producer. Super frosty buds with calyxes buried in trichomes, a must for hash makers!
  • An upgrade from the original. All the traits that made this strain popular, now refined. Expect the best.